Let us introduce CALORIC!

Why should I use the CALORIC thermostat?

A conventional thermostat activates or deactivates the heating mechanism by an actual mechanical or electrical method. However, certain inherent malfunctions of conventional thermostats, such as inappropriate spot placement and lack of sensibility, make them extremely energy consuming and inefficient.


The room thermostat is either not placed in a position where it can easily sense the change in room temperature and open or close.

In time, either it is not so sensitive from its construction, resulting in the space, either overheat (pushing hot air into the ceiling away from users), or to underheat i.e. the thermostat does not open even when the room temperature is below the desired level. 

Also even if the thermostat is working properly, its operation is unrelated with the temperature of the radiators and the outside temperature, causing the radiators to heat with the same intensity, or the difference between the room temperature and the desired one is small and the temperature outside is small environment is high, or the difference between the room temperature and the desired one it is long and outside the ambient temperature is high.

Both of the above deficiencies lead to an increase in energy consumption
For heating the space without offering the user more “warmth”.


CALORIC is the ultimate solution

CALORIC operational principle is based on a central thermostat that can be placed anywhere and measure temperature in critical building spots through wireless connection. The smart thermostat measures internal, external , burner/ heating elements temperature and thus always chooses the most appropriate one at the lowest cost.

It is aimed at heating systems that use classic heating elements.
Heating can come from oil or gas burners. Also it can be applied to heating systems with hourly measurement of apartment autonomy, as well as in detached houses.

The user selects the desired room temperature (as before) and the desired Economy level. The economy level does not directly affect the room temperature but the heating intensity in order to achieve the desired room temperature. There may also be an option to automatically adjust the economy as well as the option Night operation (increases economy level) which is chosen by Use at night or when away from home.

The cost does not exceed by much the cost of a classic room thermostat and absolutely
is amortized in the first 1-2 months of its operation by the reduction in consumption
energy for heating.

Advanced Gryoscope
Gryoscope Advanced
Poly-Shock Suspension

CALORIC thermostat
is so valuable ?

• Economy without sacrifices.
• Set n’ Forget function.
• 24 hours heating with less consumption.
• Heating problem detection.
• Heating power adjustment.
• Heating bill awareness.
• Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity 

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