Set & forget!

Just adjust the interface to the desirable temperature needed
and CALORIC will identify the best pattern
that much the desired temperature profile
and will provide the best possible economic benefit
with the best indoor temperature.



Facts and elements about now days

– 90% of Heating systems through out Europe are Hydronic –

Over 40% of energy consumption comes from of buildings performance.


– Our planer demands a more efficient energy consumption technology –

Smart thermostats are redefining the way new buildings approach consumption.


– Real time micro-adjustments can achieve ideal consumption –

Well acomplished algorithms in connection with wireless radiator thermometer continues rich data, gives tremendus results in profit gain from heating consumption management.


– Gathering multi location measurements –

Minimising the possibility to overheat a point of the house, is avoided by installing in critical locations inside the house that we need to achieve effective consumption.


– Autonomous and automated malfunction detection –

Caloric software can provide exact info about non proper function components that produce loss in consumption. Being alerted on time can reduce the possibility of not proper consumption.


– Horizon 2020 SME Instrument Phase 1 Grant –

Caloric has already achieve approval by the HORIZON 2020 framework programmed for research and innovation.