Because the planet was just yelling to us…

Let us introduce our real unique

is the name and just like that,

because we do have real sensitivities, we invented a unique consumption management device that keep our planet less harmed, energy sources not drained and our wallet full filled with the money that we used to lose every year from heat expenses.

the project

Heating in residential and commercial buildings is a basic need for the well being of the people. It is also a major cost in the family’s and businesses budget, that  cannot be avoided.

The vast majority of this Heating is produced through the combustion of fossil fuels in the buildings boilers locally, resulting in an impressive negative environmental impact in terms of greenhouse gas emissions and smoke pollution inside the cities, not to mention the high cost of heating because of the high price of the imported fuels.

An essential part of Europe’s clean energy transition is the changing role of buildings from energy consumers to actively controlling and optimizing indoor environment while contributing to energy system flexibility.

Towards this direction we have developed the CALORIC Smart Thermostat that is highly evaluated and funded from the European Innovation Council and the Innovation Norway Greece.

2016  – CALORIC’s patent is issued.

2018 – CALORIC is granted the HORIZON 2020 SME Instrument Phase I.

2020 – CALORIC is funded from the program INNOVATION NORWAY GREECE, in order to enter the market in 2021.

Technologies and specifications.

We are a passionate team with a clear goal when releasing new technology products. We want to universalize our clients presence no matter the location or conditions of our life.

Learn more about our future plans. Learn more about our future plans.